Commercially Available Recordings
of Songs of Americans in the Vietnam War

Oscar Brand

Oscar Brand and the Bare FACs. The Wild Blue over Vietnam.

TRO, 2001. (CD $15.00, plus $4.00 shipping and handling. New York residents add 8.5% sales tax)

Twenty songs of the Air Force in the Vietnam War.

Oscar’s legendary Korean War recordings, The Wild Blue Yonder and Out of the Blue are also available on his website.

Oscar Brand
Box 1362
Manhasset NY 11030

Border City Records

Border City Records has released a series of documentary recordings from the archives of the Vietnam Veterans Oral History and Folklore Project. These include FAC Songs of S.E.A., a collection of songs by pilots who flew the FAC mission throughout the war, mostly from original in-theatre recordings, Songs from Korat R.T.A.F.B, the notorious recording of Irv LeVine’s One Hundred Mission Party at Korat in 1968, and Commando Sing, a concert featuring singers from several bases in Thailand, recorded the night before the Thuds left Korat in 1973. Also, if you remember a tape or a song from the war years, Border City may be able to find it and make a CD for you. For information about prices and shipping contact

Gary Lee / Border City Records
217 Highland Parkway
Buffalo NY 14223
BorderCityRecord [at] aol [dot] com

In Country

Saul Broudy, Chip Dockery, Bull Durham, Bill Ellis, Toby Hughes, Dick Jonas, Chuck Rosenberg. Flying Fish Records, 1991. (CD $16.00)

The classic recording of songs by Americans in the Vietnam War.
28 songs, recorded in Chicago in the summer of 1991.

For price and shipping information, contact

The Society of Old Bold Aviators

The Society of Old Bold Aviators, dedicated to the preservation and propagation of military aviation songs, produced six Flyer’s Songfests in the metropolitcan Washington DC area between 1998 and 2004. CDS are available based on three of these concerts: SOBA-2000, SOBA-2001 and SOBA-2002.

Singers have variously included Jim Bullington, Chip Dockery, Bull Durham, Dick Jonas, Irv LeVine, Ron Barker, Jonathan Myer, Chinch Wollerton, Saul Broudy, Dolf Droge, and the RB Double-A Bravo Quartet.

For more information about contents, price and shipping, contact:

Jonathan Myer
2502 Davis Avenue
Alexandria VA 22302

James P. “Bull” Durham

The one and only!!!!

Bull Durham’s Songs of SACk and Bull Durham’s Songs of SEA

(Two recordings on one CD) Border City Records, 2001. (CD $15.00, plus $2.95 shipping and handling)

Ten songs about SAC in the Vietnam era recorded in 1963
Twelve songs collected during his Vietnam tour of duty and recorded in 1971

Gary Lee / Border City Records
217 Highland Parkway
Buffalo NY 14223
BorderCityRecord [at] aol [dot] com

Jim Hatch

A Viet Nam Aviator’s Odyssey. CWF, 1996. (CD $16.00, cassette $8.00, plus $3.00 shipping and handling. Two or more CDS, $15.00 each; one CD and one cassette, $22.00, plus $3.00 shipping and handling)

Twenty songs from Navy and Marine Aviation tradition.

Jim Hatch
14442 Cloverbrook Drive
Tustin CA 92780

Now available on CD!

High Priced Help

(also known as Three Majors and a Minor)

High Priced Help. Border City Records, 1999. (CD $15.00, plus $2.95 shipping and handlng)

26 songs by a superb quartet of Army aviators of the 174th AHC recorded in country in 1967.

Gary Lee / Border City Records
217 Highland Parkway
Buffalo NY 14223
BorderCityRecord [at] aol [dot] com

Dick Jonas

The most famous Air Force singer/songwriter of all time!

FSH-Volume 1. Erosonic, 1997. (CD $15.00, cassette $10.00)

Twelve Vietnam War fighter pilot songs

FSH-Volume 2. Erosonic, 1997 (CD $15.00, cassette $10.00)

Twelve Vietnam War fighter pilot songs

Two Sides of Dick Jonas. Erosonic, 1997. (CD $15.00, cassette $10.00)

Five Vietnam War fighter pilot songs, seven other songs

Swamp Fox. Erosonic, 1997. (CD $15.00, cassette $10.00)

Twelve songs from the post-war Air Force

Nickel on the Grass. Erosonic, 1997. (CD $15.00, cassette $10.00)

Twelve air Force classics and other songs

Itazuke Tower. Erosonic, 1997. (CD $15.00, cassette $10.00)

Twelve Air Force classics and other songs

News Flash!

Dick has recently added six more recordings to his catalog, featuring Air Force “superstars” Toby Hughes, Chip Dockery, Bull Durham and Irv LeVine. Three more will be released in the summer of 2005. He also sells a good assortment of Air Force songbooks. For prices and shipping details, check out his website at

Jonathan Myer

Songs of the O-1-E “Bird Dog.”

Border City Records, 2000.

Twelve songs plus narratives about his experiences as a forward air controller in Kontum Province and the DMZ in 1966-1967.

More FAC and Flying Songs

Border City Records, 2004.

Fifteen more songs and background, mostly based on memories of the same period

For price and shipping information contact:

Jonathan Myer
2502 Davis Avenue
Alexandria VA 22302

Michael McCann

Soldiers’ Songs. MM01, 1998. (CD $15.95, cassette $10.95)

A beautifully produced recording of thirteen songs from eight wars, sung by a Special Forces veteran: World Wars I and II, Vietnam, the American and Irish civil wars, the British African wars, and a few Irish Rebellions.

Soldiers’ Songs
PO Box 2927 New Haven CT 06515

A Night at the Bar with the Boys

Sneedo, G. and Tommy T., Garage Music Ltd., 1989. (CD $15.00)

28 completely uncensored Air Force songs by a trio of Warthog drivers. Recorded in Scotland in 1989.

Major Tommy Abbott
PSC 103 Box 3871 APO AE 09603

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17 May 2005